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We have been in the goalie mask business for over 40 years In that time we do more and more goalie mask reconditioning of all makes and models . We have customers complain that their mask does not fit or that the mask gives them a headache, we customize the padding so the customer has a great fitting mask. Some customers need new straps while others may need reconditioning such as shell repair and paint and maybe a new cage.

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Put your goalie mask in a box with what you want done. Put contact info in the box so we can call for payment information and if we have any questions we can contact you to go over. Please Include shipping information for finished product.
Feel free to call with any question 810 966-3431 or toll free in the U.S. 866 927-9435


Ship to:

Warwick Mask
1621 Pine Grove Ave
Port Huron, MI 48060


All new padding $165.00Non Warwick $185.00
New straps $30.00proharness style
New cage $125.00with powder coat add $25.00
Repair (will give estimate after we see starts at $75.00)
Sand down, primer coat and new coat of paint $250.00
If we have to cut off rusted hardware there will be a charge $25.00
Look over mask and call with estimate of what needs to be done.