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Nabokov 44 Mag


the Nabokov style mask has,

Pronounced ridges on top,

narrow jaw

longer from front to back for goalies who don’t want  your head to stick out the back of your mask.

Let us help select the proper shell by submitting your specs and photo.




44 Mag is available in all the styles.
Designed with the San Jose Sharks all star goalie Evgeni Nabokov This helmet is for a little bit wider faces. The chin lengths vary and are slightly rounded at the bottom.

We have multiple sizes in the style. We collect information about the customer to determine the best fit. All masks come in any one color shell White, Black, etc. heavy duty stainless steel cage the default cage is the International square bar cage please indicate in the notes if you would like the Pro cat eye cage do not select a cage unless you would like a backup cage. It will then come with an extra cage. The fit is guaranteed.

Once we receive all information for your order it will take 6-10 weeks depending on the time of year the order is placed.

Evgeni has worn a Warwick Mask for 6 years. Nabby is a Vezina Trophy finalist for 2007-2008 season.
When Submitting Order, Please email your pictures of face to warwickmask@comcast.net

On the inside of every Warwick Mask, you’ll find customer specific, custom applied padding. Gary Warwick’s favorite motto is “no two face are same and no two Warwick masks are padded the same”. The custom padding is not only soft and comfortable. It stands up to the test of time


We use flat rate on our website per item. This can cause inaccurate shipping estimates when purchasing multiple products through our online store. We will package multiple items and refund the difference on any shipping costs we save. If you have ANY CONCERN about your shipping estimate, please feel free to call and we can give you a shipping cost and process your order by phone.

Thank you,
The Warwick Family